ONTAP 9.14

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Viewing and managing your network

Beginning with ONTAP 9.8, you can use ONTAP System Manager to display a graphic that shows the components and configuration of your network. Beginning with ONTAP 9.12.0, you can view the LIF and subnet association on the Network Interfaces grid.

The new network visualization feature enables users to see the network connections path across hosts, ports, SVMs, volumes, etc. in a graphical interface.

The graphic displays when you select Network > Overview or when you select the blue arrow from the Network section of the Dashboard.

The following categories of components are shown in the graphic:

  • Hosts

  • Storage ports

  • Network interfaces

  • Storage VMs

  • Data access components

Each section shows additional details that you can hover your mouse over or select to perform network management and configuration tasks.


The following are some examples of the many ways you can interact with the graphic to view details about each component or initiate actions to manage your network:

  • Click on a host to see its configuration: the ports, network interfaces, storage VMs, and data access components associated with it.

  • Hover the mouse over the number of volumes in a storage VM to select a volume to view its details.

  • Select an iSCSI interface to view its performance over the last week.

  • Click on the vertical three dots next to a component to initiate actions to modify that component.

  • Quickly determine where problems might occur in your network, indicated by an "X" next to unhealthy components.

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