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Add a FlexCache license

About this task

The FlexCache license is a cluster-wide license. The license includes an entitled usage limit that you purchase for using FlexCache volumes in the cluster. The space usage by FlexCache volumes across the cluster must not exceed the capacity of the entitled usage limit. If you need to increase the usage limit of the license, you should contact your sales representative.

The capacity-based license is not required. The FlexCache license is bundled with the ONTAP package.

  1. Download the License File for the FlexCache license from the DVD included in the Product.

  2. Use ONTAP System Manager to upload the FlexCache license to the cluster:

    1. Click the Configurations > Cluster > Licenses tab.

    2. In the Packages window, click Add.

    3. In the Add License Packages dialog box, click Choose Files to select the Fujitsu License File that you downloaded, and then click Add to upload the file to the cluster.

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