ONTAP 9.14

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Create a broadcast domain

You must create a broadcast domain for a custom IPspace. The SVMs created in the IPspace use the ports in the broadcast domain.

This task is relevant for ONTAP 9.7, not ONTAP 9.8.
Before you begin

You must be a cluster administrator to perform this task.

About this task

The port to which a LIF fails over must be a member of the failover group for the LIF. When you create a broadcast domain, ONTAP automatically creates a failover group with the same name. The failover group contains all the ports assigned to the broadcast domain.

  1. Create a broadcast domain.

    network port broadcast-domain create -ipspace ipspace1 -broadcast-domain -ipspace1 -mtu 1500 -ports node1:e0d,node1:e0e,node2:e0d,node2:e0e

  2. Verify that the broadcast domain configuration is correct.

    1. Verify the broadcast domain is correct:

      network port broadcast-domain show

    2. Verify the network port is correct:

      network port show

    3. Verify the failover group names and failover targets are correct:

      network interface failover-groups show

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