ONTAP 9.14

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Enable space allocation for SCSI thinly provisioned LUNs

If you set the space-allocation option to enabled, ONTAP notifies the host when the volume has run out of space and the LUN in the volume cannot accept writes. This option also enables ONTAP to reclaim space automatically when your host deletes data.

About this task

The space-allocation option is set to disabled by default, and you must take the LUN offline to enable space allocation. After you enable space allocation, you must perform discovery on the host before the host will recognize that space allocation has been enabled.

  1. Take the LUN offline.

    lun modify -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name -lun lun_name -state offline

  2. Set the -space-allocation parameter to enabled:

    lun modify -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name -lun lun_name -space-allocation enabled

  3. Verify that space allocation is enabled:

    lun show -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name -lun lun_name -fields space-allocation

  4. Bring the LUN online:

    lun modify -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name -lun lun_name -state online

  5. On the host, rescan all disks to ensure that the change to the -space-allocation option is correctly discovered.

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