ONTAP 9.14

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Failure creating a SnapMirror relationship and initializing consistency group


Creation of SnapMirror relationship and consistency group initialization fails.


Ensure that you have not exceeded the limit of consistency groups per cluster. Consistency group limits in SM-BC are platform independent and differ based on the version of ONTAP. See Additional restrictions and limitations for limitations based on ONTAP version.


If the consistency group is stuck initializing, check the status of your consistency group initializations with the ONTAP REST API, ONTAP System Manager or the command sn show -expand.


If consistency groups fail to initialize, remove the SM-BC relationship, delete the consistency group, then recreate the relationship and initialize it. This workflow differs depending on the version of ONTAP you are using.

If you are using ONTAP 9.8-9.9.1

If you are using ONTAP 9.10.1 or later

  1. Under Protection > Relationships, find the SM-BC relationship on the consistency group. Select three stacked vertical dots icon, then Delete to remove the SM-BC relationship.

  2. Delete the consistency group

  3. Configure the consistency group

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