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ONTAP System Manager integration with BlueXP

Beginning with ONTAP 9.12.1, ONTAP System Manager is fully integrated with BlueXP. With BlueXP, you can manage your hybrid multicloud infrastructure from a single control plane while retaining the familiar ONTAP System Manager dashboard.

BlueXP enables you to create and administer cloud storage (for example, Cloud Volumes ONTAP), use Fujitsu’s data services (for example, Cloud Backup), and control many on-premise and edge storage devices.

To use ONTAP System Manager in BlueXP, perform the following steps:

  1. Open a web browser and enter the IP address of the cluster management network interface.

    If the cluster has connectivity to BlueXP, a login prompt displays.

  2. Click Continue to BlueXP to follow the link to BlueXP.

    If your system settings have blocked external networks, you will not be able to access BlueXP. To access ONTAP System Manager using BlueXP, you must ensure that the address “cloudmanager.cloud.fujitsu.com” can be accessed by your system. Otherwise, at the prompt, you can choose to use the version of ONTAP System Manager that is installed with your ONTAP system.
  3. On the BlueXP login page, select Log in with your Fujitsu Support Site Credentials and enter your credentials.

    If you’ve already used BlueXP and have a login using an email and password, then you’ll need to continue using that login option instead.

  4. If you’re prompted, enter a name for your new BlueXP account.

    In most cases, BlueXP automatically creates an account for you based on data from your cluster.

  5. Enter the cluster administrator credentials for the cluster.


ONTAP System Manager displays and you can now manage the cluster from BlueXP.

Discover your clusters directly from BlueXP

BlueXP provides two ways to discover and manage your clusters:

  • Direct discovery for management through ONTAP System Manager

    This is the same discovery option described in the previous section with which you follow the redirect.

  • Discovery through a Connector

    The Connector is software installed in your environment which allows you to access management functions through ONTAP System Manager and also access BlueXP cloud services that provide features such as data replication, backup and recovery, data classification, data tiering, and more.

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