ONTAP tools for VMware vSphere 9.12

Configure remote diagnostic access

You can configure ONTAP tools to enable SSH access for the diag user.

What you will need

The VASA Provider extension must be enabled for your vCenter Server instance.

About this task

Using SSH to access the diag user account has the following limitations:

  • You are allowed only one login account per activation of SSH.

  • SSH access to the diag user account is disabled when one of the following happens:

    • The time expires.

      The login session remains valid only until midnight the next day.

    • You log in as a diag user again using SSH.


  1. From the vCenter Server, open a console to VASA Provider.

  2. Log in as the maintenance user.

  3. Enter 4 to select Support and Diagnostics.

  4. Enter 3 to select Enable remote diagnostics access.

  5. Enter y in the Confirmation dialog box to enable remote diagnostic access.

  6. Enter a password for remote diagnostic access.

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