Active IQ Unified Manager 9.13

Aborting an active data protection transfer from the Volume Relationships page

You can abort an active data protection transfer when you want to stop a SnapMirror replication that is in progress. You can also clear the restart checkpoint for transfers subsequent to the baseline transfer. You might abort a transfer when it conflicts with another operation, such as a volume move.

You cannot abort volumes relationships that are protected by the Consistency Group.

What you’ll need

  • You must have the Application Administrator or Storage Administrator role.

  • You must have set up Workflow Automation.

The abort action does not display in the following instances:

  • If RBAC settings do not allow this action: for example, if you have only operator privileges

  • When the volume ID is unknown: for example, when you have an intercluster relationship and the destination cluster has not yet been discovered

You cannot clear the restart checkpoint for a baseline transfer.

  1. To abort transfers for one or more protection relationships, from the Volume Relationships page, select one or more volumes and, on the toolbar, click Abort.

    The Abort Transfer dialog box is displayed.

  2. If you want to clear the restart checkpoint for a transfer that is not a baseline transfer, select Clear Checkpoints.

  3. Click Continue.

    The Abort Transfer dialog box is closed, and the status of the abort job displays at the top of the Volume Relationships page, along with a link to the job details.

  4. Optional: Click the View details link to go to the Job details page for additional details and to view job progress.

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