Active IQ Unified Manager 9.13

Completing the worksheet

Before you install and configure Unified Manager, you should have specific information about your environment readily available. You can record the information in the worksheet.

Unified Manager installation information

The details required to install Unified Manager.

System on which software is deployed Your value

Host fully qualified domain name

Host IP address

Network mask

Gateway IP address

Primary DNS address

Secondary DNS address

Search domains

Maintenance user name

Maintenance user password

Unified Manager configuration information

The details to configure Unified Manager after installation. Some values are optional depending on your configuration.

Setting Your value

Maintenance user email address

SMTP server host name or IP address

SMTP user name

SMTP password

SMTP port

25 (Default value)

Email from which alert notifications are sent

Authentication server host name or IP address

Active Directory administrator name or LDAP bind distinguished name

Active Directory password or LDAP bind password

Authentication server base distinguished name

Identity provider (IdP) URL

Identity provider (IdP) metadata

SNMP trap destination host IP addresses

SNMP port

Cluster information

The details for the storage systems that you manage using Unified Manager.

Cluster 1 of N Your value

Host name or cluster-management IP address

ONTAP administrator user name

The administrator must have been assigned the “admin” role.

ONTAP administrator password



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