Active IQ Unified Manager 9.13

Enabling and disabling security settings for compliance

By using the Customize button on the Security Dashboard panel of the Features Settings page, you can enable or disable the security parameters for compliance monitoring on Unified Manager.

The settings that are enabled or disabled from this page govern the overall compliance status of the clusters and storage VMs on Unified Manager. Based on the selections, the corresponding columns are visible in the Security: All Clusters view of the Clusters inventory page and the Security: All Storage VMs view of the Storage VMs inventory page.

Only users with administrator role can edit these settings.

The security criteria for your ONTAP clusters, storage VMs, and volumes are evaluated against the recommendationsdefined in the ETERNUS Software Security Hardening Guide for ONTAP 9 Guidelines for Secure Deployment of ONTAP 9 . The Security panel on the dashboard and the Security page display the default security compliance status of your clusters, storage VMs, and volumes. Security events are also generated and management actions enabled for the clusters and storage VMs that have security violations.

Customizing security settings

To customize the settings for compliance monitoring as applicable to your ONTAP environment, follow these steps:

  1. Click General > Feature Settings > Security Dashboard > Customize. The Customize Security Dashboard Settings pop-up appears.

    The security compliance parameters that you enable or disable can directly affect the default security views, reports, and scheduled reports on the Clusters and Storage VMs screens. If you had uploaded an excel report from these screens before modifying the security parameters, the downloaded excel reports might be faulty.

  2. To enable or disable the custom settings for your ONTAP clusters, select the required general setting under Cluster. For information on the options for customizing cluster compliance, see Cluster compliance categories

  3. To enable or disable the custom settings for your storage VMs, select the required general setting under Storage VM. For information on the options for customizing storage VM compliance, see Storage VM compliance categories.

Customizing AutoSupport and authentication settings

On the AutoSupport Settings section, you can specify whether HTTPS transport is to be used for sending AutoSupport messages from ONTAP.

From the Authentication Settings section, you can enable Unified Manager alerts to be raised for the default ONTAP administrator user.

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