Active IQ Unified Manager 9.13

Monitoring MetroCluster replication

You can monitor and diagnose the overall health condition of the logical connections while mirroring the data. You can identify the issues or any risk that interrupts mirroring of cluster components such as aggregates, nodes, and storage virtual machines.

Unified Manager uses system health alerts to monitor the status of the components and connectivity in the MetroCluster configuration.

What you’ll need

Both the local and remote cluster in the MetroCluster configuration must be added to Unified Manager

Viewing replication for MetroCluster over IP configurations

For MetroCluster over IP configurations, the data replication status is displayed in the topology peek view for a cluster protected by MetroCluster over IP from the following views from the Unified Manager left navigation pane:

  • Storage > Clusters > Protection: MetroCluster view

  • Protection > Relationships > Relationship: MetroCluster view

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