ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

cluster date zoneinfo load-from-uri

Load timezone zoneinfo data

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The cluster date zoneinfo load-from-uri command loads a new set of timezone zoneinfo data to replace the version installed in the cluster. Releases of Data ONTAP software contain the timezone data that is current at the time of release. If a change is made to the timezone between Data ONTAP releases, then an update can be made to the release data. For instance, if a change is made to when daylight saving time is observed for a country then an update to cluster zoneinfo data may be required.

Only zoneinfo files provided by Fujitsu for use in Data ONTAP should be used with this command.

To update the zoneinfo database do the following:

  • Download the required zoneinfo file from the DVD included in the Product.

  • Place the file on a local web server accessible without password from the cluster.

  • Execute the cluster date zoneinfo load-from-uri command, passing the Universal Resource Identifier (URI) of the file as parameter.

The command need only be executed once for the cluster. The data will be distributed to each node of the cluster.


-uri {scheme://(hostname|IPv4 Address|'['IPv6 Address']')…​} - URI of Timezone Zoneinfo Data

URI of the new zoneinfo file.


The following example loads a new version of the timezone zoneinfo database to the cluster:

cluster1::> cluster date zoneinfo load-from-uri http://www.example.com/ontap_zoneinfo.zip
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