ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

security multi-admin-verify approval-group show

Display Approval Groups

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the admin privilege level.


The security multi-admin-verify approval-group show command displays information about approval groups and the users that are registered with each group.


{ [-fields <fieldname>,…​]

If you specify the -fields <fieldname>, …​ parameter, the command output also includes the specified field or fields. You can use '-fields ?' to display the fields to specify.

| [-instance ] }

If you specify the -instance parameter, the command displays detailed information about all fields.

[-vserver <vserver>] - Vserver

This specifies the Vserver name to which the approval group is associated with. This is an optional parameter. This parameter defaults to a Cluster server and supports only Cluster servers.

[-name <text>] - Group Name

This specifies the name of an approval group.

[-approvers <text>,…​] - Approvers

This specifies the list of ONTAP users that are part of the approval group. Each specified user must belong to the specified Vserver.

[-email <mail address>,…​] - Email Addresses

This specifies the email addresses that are notified when a request is created, approved, vetoed, or executed.


The following example displays typical approval groups information:

cluster1::> security multi-admin-verify approval-group show
    Vserver  Name             Approvers
    -------- ---------------- -----------------------------------------------------
             group1           admin
             group2           admin, admin1
    2 entries were displayed.
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