ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

cluster time-service ntp key modify

Modify an NTP symmetric authentication key

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The cluster time-service ntp key modify command modifies a Network Time Protocol (NTP) symmetric authentication key.


-id <integer> - NTP Symmetric Authentication Key ID

Unique identifier of this key in the cluster.

[-type <sha1>] - NTP Symmetric Authentication Key Type

The cryptographic algorithm that this key is used with. Only SHA1 is currently supported.

[-value <text>] - NTP Symmetric Authentication Key Value

A 40 character hexadecimal digit string that represents a cryptographic key that is shared with the NTP server.


The following example modifies the NTP key with ID 1 to have a new value.

cluster1::> cluster time-service ntp key modify 1 -value 2e874852e7d41cda65b23915aa5544838b366c51
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