ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

storage array modify

Make changes to an array’s profile.

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The storage array modify command lets the user change several array parameters.


-name <text> - Name

Storage array name, either generated by Data ONTAP or assigned by the user.

[-prefix <text>] - Prefix

Abbreviation for the named array.

[-vendor <text>] - Vendor

Array manufacturer.

[-model <text>] - Model

Array model number.

[-options <text>] - options

Vendor specific array settings.

[-max-queue-depth <integer>] - Target Port Queue Depth

The target port queue depth for all target ports on this array.

[-lun-queue-depth <integer>] - LUN Queue Depth

The queue depth assigned to array LUNs from this array.

[-is-upgrade-pending {true|false}] - Upgrade Pending

Set this parameter to true if the array requires additional Data ONTAP resilience for a pending firmware upgrade. Keep this parameter false during normal array operation. This value can not be set to true if -path-faliover-time is greater than zero.

[-path-failover-time <integer>] - Path Failover Time (sec)

The time delay (in secs) before switching the I/O path when the path is deleted. The maximum time delay is 30 sec. The default is 0. This value can not be greater than zero if -is-upgrade-pending is true .

[-all-path-fail-delay <integer>] - Extend All Path Failure Event (secs)

Use this parameter to increase the delay before Data ONTAP declares an "all path failure" event for an array. Delaying the "all path failure" event allows Data ONTAP to suspend I/O operations for a longer period of time before declaring a data access disruption, allowing for I/O operations to resume if any path comes back online within the specified duration. A valid delay is any value between 30 and 90 seconds. A value of 0 will reset the delay, resulting in default actions being taken whenever an "all path failure" event is detected.


This command changes the model to FastT.

cluster1::> storage array modify -name IBM_1722_1 -model FastT
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