ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

metrocluster switchover

Switch over storage and client access

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The metrocluster switchover command initiates the switchover of storage and client access from the source cluster to the disaster recovery (DR) site. This command is to be used after a disaster that renders all the nodes in the source cluster unreachable and powered off. It can also be used for negotiated switchover when the outage of the source cluster is anticipated as in cases such as disaster recovery testing or a site going offline for maintenance. If a switchover operation previously failed on certain nodes on the DR site then issuing the command retries the operation on all of those nodes.


[-simulate <true>] - Simulate Negotiated Switchover

If this optional parameter is used, the system runs a simulation of the negotiated switchover operation to make sure all the prerequisites for the operation are met. This parameter cannot be used with switchover with the -forced-on-disaster parameter.

{ [-controller-replacement <true>] - Indicate Controller Replacement

If this optional parameter is used, the nodes in the DR site will be halted during the negotiated switchover operation, to facilitate controller replacement.

| [-forced-on-disaster <true>] - Force Switchover on Disaster

This optional parameter forces a switchover on disaster. This parameter should be used if all the nodes on the disaster stricken site are powered off and unreachable. In the absence of this parameter, the command attempts to perform a negotiated switchover operation.

[-force-nvfail-all <true>] - Sets in-nvfailed-state on All Volumes

If this parameter is used, the switchover command will set the in-nvfailed-state parameter to true for all volumes being switched over and will set the -dr-force-nvfail parameter to true for any volumes that do not already have it enabled. This parameter has no effect when performning a negotiated switchover.

[-retry-failed-nodes <Node name>,…​] - Nodes to Switchover }

This optional parameter takes the list of nodes that previously failed the switchover operation and it retries the switchover operation on each of the nodes. This parameter is applicable only for a switchover with the -forced-on-disaster parameter.

[-override-vetoes <true>] - Override All Soft Vetoes

This optional parameter overrides all switchover operation soft vetoes. If this parameter is used, the system overrides all subsystem soft vetoes that might prevent the switchover operation. Hard vetoes cannot be overridden and can still prevent the switchover operation.


When a disaster strikes one site, the metrocluster switchover command is issued on the disaster recovery site as follows:

cluster1::> metrocluster switchover -forced-on-disaster true

Warning: MetroCluster switchover is a Disaster Recovery operation that could
         cause some data loss. The cluster on the other site must either be
         prevented from serving data or be simply powered off (nodes and disk
         The following nodes ( cluster1-01 cluster1-02 ) will participate in
         the switchover operation
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y
Queued job. Use 'metrocluster operation show' to check status of the DR operation.
cluster1::> metrocluster operation show
  Operation: switchover
      State: successful
 Start time: 10/3/2013 22:11:47
   End time: 10/3/2013 22:11:53
     Errors: -
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