ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

system node virtual-machine disk-object-store create

Define the configuration for an object store

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The system node virtual-machine disk-object-store create command adds an object store container to a node’s configuration. All objects within the container will be added as disks to the specified node.


-node <nodename> - ONTAP Node Name

Specifies the name of the ONTAP node to which the object store container will be added.

-object-store-name <object store name> - ONTAP Name for this Object Store Config

Specifies the name that will be used to identify the object store configuration.

-server <text> - Fully Qualified Domain Name of the Object Store Server

Specifies the object store server where the container is hosted.

-port <integer> - Port Number of the Object Store

Specifies the port number to connect to the object store server.

-container-name <text> - Container Name

Specifies the name of the container to be added.

-azure-account <text> - Azure Storage Account

Specifies the Azure storage account.

-azure-private-key <text> - Azure Storage Account Access Key

Specifies the access key required to authenticate requests to the Azure object store.

[-update-partner <true>] - Update HA Partner

Specify this parameter when the system is running in an HA configuration.


The following example adds a container to the specified node.

cluster1::*> system node virtual-machine disk-object-store create
            -node node1 -object-store-name objstore1 -server storageaccount1.blob.core.windows.net
            -container-name container1 -azure-account storageaccount1
            -azure-private-key XpSUcS/f1sl4sHfDuzYeyU3Yz9dNqVEsxDv48/P8Zk8j0uDoWYnsf/8JBhlHImH/RP9IO6maKLYqEXAMPLEKEY== -update-partner
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