ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

metrocluster heal

Heal DR data aggregates and DR root aggregates

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The metrocluster heal command heals DR data aggregates and DR root aggregates in preparation for a DR switchback. You must issue this command twice to complete the two phases of the healing process: first to heal the aggregates by resynchronizing the mirrored plexes and then to heal the root aggregates by switching them back to the disaster site. The DR partner nodes must be powered off and remote disk shelves must be powered on before running this command.


-phase {aggregates|root-aggregates} - MetroCluster Healing Phase

This parameter specifies the healing phase. The first phase, aggregates , heals aggregates by resynchronizing mirrored plexes. The second phase, root-aggregates , heals the root aggregates of partner nodes. Healing root aggregates switches them back to the disaster site, allowing the site to boot up.

[-override-vetoes <true>] - Override All Soft Vetoes

This optional parameter overrides almost all heal operation soft vetoes. If this optional parameter is set to true, the system overrides subsystem soft vetoes that might prevent the heal operation. Hard vetoes cannot be overridden and can still prevent the switchback operation.


The following example performs the healing of both the aggregates and root aggregates:

cluster1::> metrocluster heal -phase aggregates
        [Job 136] Job succeeded: Heal Aggregates is successful
cluster1::> metrocluster heal -phase root-aggregates
        [Job 137] Job succeeded: Heal Root Aggregates is successful
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