ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

snapmirror mediator primary-bias history show

Show Primary Bias History

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The snapmirror mediator primary-bias history show command shows the history of Primary bias events.

The setting/clearing of the Primary Bias states (including the intermediate state) will be logged as event history per CG endpoint in the "snapmirror mediator primary bias history" command. The "mediator-engaged/disengaged-for-failover" actions will represent the setting/clearing of the intermediate state preventing Failover on slave endpoints of a CG. The "primary-bias-activated/not-activated" will represent the state that allows master endpoints to assume the I/O serving authority.


{ [-fields <fieldname>,…​]

If you specify the -fields <fieldname>, …​ parameter, the command output also includes the specified field or fields. You can use '-fields ?' to display the fields to specify.

| [-instance ] }

If you specify the -instance parameter, the command displays detailed information about all fields.

[-cg-path {<[vserver:][volume]>|<[[cluster:]//vserver/]volume>|<hostip:/lun/name>|<hostip:/share/share-name>|<[vserver:]/cg/[app-cgname]>}] - Cg Path

CG path.

[-start-time <MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS>] - TBA Task Start Time

Time of event

[-action {Primary bias activated. Mediator Disengaged|Primary bias not-activated. Mediator engaged|Mediator disengaged for failover|Mediator engaged for failover}] - Event

Primary bias event.


The following example shows the history output
C1_sti7-vsim-ucs569m_cluster::*> snapmirror mediator primary-bias history show -cg-path vs0:/cg/scg
    CG Path        Time                Action
    -------------- ---------------- ------------
    vs0:/cg/scg    7/25/2022 10:33:28
    vs0:/cg/scg    7/25/2022 22:42:33
    2 entries were displayed.
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