ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

lun move cancel

Cancel a LUN move operation before the new LUN has been created

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The lun move cancel command cancels an ongoing LUN move operation prior to creation of the new LUN. The command fails if the LUN already exists at the destination path; in that case, allow the current move operation to complete and then move it back using the lun move start command.

All data transfers will be halted. If the source LUN was quiesced, it will be restored to normal operation.

This is an advanced command because the preferred way to cancel a LUN move operation is to wait until the new LUN becomes visible, and then move it back.


{ -vserver <Vserver Name> - Vserver Name

Specifies the name of the Vserver that will host the destination LUN.

-destination-path <path> - Destination Path}

Specifies the full path to the new LUN, in the format /vol/<volume>[/<qtree>]/<lun>.


cluster1::*> lun move cancel -vserver vs1 -destination-path /vol/vol2/lun2

Cancels the move operation identified by Vserver vs1 and destination path /vol/vol2/lun2 .

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