ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

volume flexcache origin config modify

Modify FlexCache Origin Configuration

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The volume flexcache origin config modify command modifies volume specific options of an origin of a FlexCache volume.


-origin-vserver <Vserver Name> - Vserver Name

This specifies the Vserver in which the origin of a FlexCache volume is located.

-origin-volume <volume name> - Origin Volume Name

This specifies the origin of a FlexCache volume.

[-is-bli-enabled {true|false}] - Is BLI Enabled

This parameter specifies whether data invalidation at block level is enabled or not. By default, -is-bli-enabled is false .

[-is-global-file-locking-enabled {true|false}] - Is Global File Locking Enabled

This parameter specifies the global file locking mode for the volume. By default, -is-global-file-locking-enabled is false . When global file locking mode is enabled for the volume, the "is_disconnected_mode_off_for_locks" flag is always set to true .


The following example modifies the is-bli-enabled field value to true:

cluster1::> flexcache origin config modify -origin-volume origin_flexgroup -origin-vserver vs3_c2 -is-bli-enabled true
        (volume flexcache origin config show)
cluster1::> flexcache origin config show -origin-volume origin_flexgroup -origin-vserver vs3_c2
  (volume flexcache origin config show)
Vserver: vs3_c2
                      Origin Volume Name: origin_flexgroup
                          Is BLI Enabled: true
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