ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

network test-path

Test path performance between two nodes

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The network test-path command runs a performance test between two nodes. The command requires a source node, destination node, destination cluster, and application, or session type. All tests are run using intracluster or intercluster LIFs, depending on whether the test is between two nodes in the same cluster, or between nodes in peered clusters.

The test itself is different from most bandwidth test tools. It creates a "session" consisting of TCP connections between all possible paths between the nodes being tested. This is how internal Data ONTAP applications communicate between nodes. This means the test is using multiple paths, and thus the bandwidth reported might exceed the capacity of a single 10 Gb path.


-source-node {<nodename>|local} - Node Initiating Session

Use this parameter to specify the node that initiates the test. Source-node parameter must be a member of the cluster in which the command is run.

-destination-cluster <Cluster name> - Cluster Containing Passive Node

Use this parameter to specify the destination cluster; the local cluster, or a peered cluster.

-destination-node <text> - Remote Node in Destination Cluster

Use this parameter to specify the destination node in the destination cluster

-session-type {AsyncMirrorLocal|AsyncMirrorRemote|RemoteDataTransfer} - Type of Session to Test

The session type parameter is used to mimic the application settings used. A session consists of multiple TCP connections.

  • AsyncMirrorLocal: settings used by SnapMirror between nodes in the same cluster

  • AsyncMirrorRemote: settings used by SnapMirror between nodes in different clusters

  • RemoteDataTransfer: settings used by Data ONTAP for remote data access between nodes in the same cluster

The default session-type is AsyncMirrorRemote.

[-connection-detail {true|false}] - Display Test Results per Network Path

Boolean argument to specify if the network test-path run should be executed for specific network paths. This defaults to false.


The following example runs a test between two nodes in the same cluster:

cluster1::*> network test-path -source-node node1 -destination-cluster cluster1 -destination-node node2
Test Duration: 10.65 secs
   Send Throughput: 1092.65 MB/sec
Receive Throughput: 1092.65 MB/sec
           MB Sent: 11633.69
       MB Received: 11633.69
       Avg Latency:    64.40 ms
       Min Latency:     2.41 ms
       Max Latency:  2099.17 ms
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