ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

volume reallocation measure

Start reallocate measure job

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


Performs a measure-only reallocation check on a LUN, NVMe namespace, file, or volume. At the end of each check, the system logs the optimization results in the Event Message System (EMS). If you use the logfile , the system records detailed information about the LUN, NVMe namespace, file, or volume layout in the log file. To view previous measure-only reallocation checks, use the volume reallocation show command.

This command is not supported for FlexGroups or FlexGroup constituents.


-vserver <vserver name> - Vserver

Specifies the Vserver.

-path <text> - Path

Specifies the path of the reallocation for a LUN, NVMe namespace, file, or volume.

{ [-i, -interval <text>] - Interval Schedule

Specifies the reallocation scan interval in

  • m for minutes

  • h for hours

  • d for days

For example, 30m is a 30 minute interval. The countdown to the next scan begins after the first scan is complete.

The default interval is 24 hours.

| [-o, -once <true>] - Once }

Specifies that the job runs once and then is automatically removed from the system when set to true. If you use this command without specifying this parameter, its effective value is false and the reallocation scan runs as scheduled. If you enter this parameter without a value, it is set to true and a reallocation scan runs once.

[-l, -logpath <text>] - Log Path

Specifies the path for reallocation logs.

[-t, -threshold <integer>] - Threshold

Specifies the threshold when a LUN, NVMe namespace, file, or volume is considered unoptimized and a reallocation should be performed. Once the threshold is reached, the system creates a diagnostic message that indicates that a reallocation might improve performance.

The threshold range is from 3 (the layout is moderately optimized) to 10 (the layout is not optimal). The threshold default is 4.


cluster1::> volume reallocation measure -path /vol/vol2 -once
[Job 167] Job is queued: Reallocate Job.

Performs a one-time, measure-only reallocation scan on volume vol2.

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