ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

system node coredump upload

(DEPRECATED)-Upload a coredump to a remote site

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


This command is deprecated and might be removed in a future release of Data ONTAP. Use "system node autosupport invoke-core-upload" instead.

The system node coredump upload command uploads a saved core file to a specified URL. You should use this command only at the direction of technical support.


-node {<nodename>|local} - Node That Owns the Coredump

This specifies the node on which the core file is located.

[-type {kernel|ancillary-kernel-segment|application}] - Coredump Type

This specifies the type of core files to be uploaded. If the type is kernel, kernel core files will be uploaded. If the type is application, application core file will be uploaded.

-corename <text> - Coredump Name

This specifies the name of the core file that is to be uploaded.

[-location <text>] - URL for Coredump Upload Directory

This specifies the URL to which the core file is to be uploaded. If this parameter is not specified, the command uploads the core file to the location specified by the -upload-location parameter of the system node coredump config modify command. The following protocols are supported: ftp and http. (By default, the location is set to ftp://ftp.fujitsu.com/to-ntap/)

[-casenum <integer>] - Case Number

This specifies the support case number that will be prefixed to the core file name at the destination. The case number is critical information for quick and automated processing of the received core file.


The following example uploads a core file named core.07142005145732.2010-10-05.19_03_41.nz on a node named node0 to the default location. The support case number is 2001234567.

cluster1::> system node coredump upload -node node0 -corename core.07142005145732.2010-10-05.19_03_41.nz -casenum 2001234567
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