ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

volume encryption secure-purge start

Start secure deletion of trash in existing volume

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The volume encryption secure-purge start command performs secure purge of encrypted volume.


-vserver <vserver name> - Vserver

This parameter specifies the Vserver on which the volume is located.

-volume <volume name> - Volume

This parameter specifies the name of the volume being encrypted.

{ [-delete-all-snapshots {true|false}] - Delete all Snapshot Copies?

This parameter specifies if it is required to delete all the snapshots in the volume.

[-re-encryption-method {volume-move|in-place-rekey}] - Method to Use for Re-keying the Volume

Specifies the re-encryption method of the secure-purge operation. Possible values are:

  • volume-move

  • in-place-rekey

The volume-move method is faster compared to in-place-rekey method. The volume-move method requires additional space in the same aggregate. The volume-move method will cause unforced MetroCluster switchovers to be blocked while it is running. The volume-move operation involves cut-over phase in which client I/O operations are temporary blocked for short duration - less than 45 seconds. There is no cut-over phase for in-place-rekey method.

| [-prepare <true>] - Method to Use for Preparing Secure Purge }

This parameter specifies if it is required to prepare secure purge of encrypted volume.

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