ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

system controller fru led enable-all

Light all the LEDs

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The system controller fru led enable-all command turns on all the controller and IOXM FRU fault LEDs.

A FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) is any piece of the system that is designed to be easily and safely replaced by a field technician.

Both the controller and IOXM FRUs have a number of internal FRUs for which there are corresponding fault LEDs. In addition, there is a summary FRU fault LED on the external face-plate of both the controller and IOXM; labeled with a "!". A summary fault LED will be on when any of the internal FRU fault LEDs are on. Only the controller and IOXM internal FRU fault LEDs can be controlled by the end-user. The summary fault LEDs are turned on and off based on the simple policy described above. If you want to turn off the summary fault LED, you must turn off all internal FRU fault LEDs.

All FRU fault LEDs are amber in color. However, not all amber LEDs in the system are FRU fault LEDs. Externally visible fault LEDs are labeled with a "!" and internal FRU fault LEDs remain on, even when the controller or IOXM is removed from the chassis. In addition, internal FRU fault LEDs will remain on until explicitly turned off by the end-user, even after a FRU has been replaced.

FRUs are identified by a FRU ID and slot tuple. FRU IDs include: DIMMs, cards in PCI slots, boot media devices, NV batteries and coin cell batteries. For each FRU ID, the FRUs are numbered 1 through N, where N is the number of FRUs of that particular type that exist in the controller or IOXM. Both controller and IOXM have a FRU map label for use in physically locating internal FRUs. The FRU ID/slot tuple used by the system controller fru led show command matches that specified on the FRU map label.


Turn on all FRU fault LEDs.

cluster1::*> system controller fru led enable-all
    14 entries were modified.
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