ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

volume snapshot show-delta

Computes delta between two Snapshot copies

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the admin privilege level.


The volume snapshot show-delta command returns the number of bytes that changed between two Snapshot copies or a Snapshot copy and the active filesystem. This is calculated from the number of blocks that differ multiplied by the block size. The command also shows the time elapsed between the Snapshot copies in seconds.

Queries that use query operators (* , | , etc.) are disabled for this command to avoid performance degradation for client requests.


-vserver <vserver name> - Vserver Name

This specifies the Vserver on which the volume is located.

-volume <volume name> - Volume Name

This specifies the volume for which the delta is to be calculated.

-snapshot1 <snapshot name> - First Snapshot Name

This specifies the first Snapshot copy for the comparison.

[-snapshot2 <snapshot name>] - Second Snapshot Name

This specifies the second Snapshot copy for the comparison. If the field is not specified, it is assumed to be the Active File System.


The following example shows the bytes changed and the time separating the two Snapshots copies:

cluster1::> volume snapshot show-delta -vserver vs0 -volume vol2 -snapshot1 one -snapshot2 two
A total of 139264 bytes (34 blocks) are different. Elapsed time between the Snapshot copies: 1s.
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