ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

volume rebalance file-move start

Moves a file from one FlexGroup constituent to another

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The volume rebalance file-move start command initiates a retroactive file movement for a file residing in a FlexGroup volume in the given Vserver. You must provide the path to the file to be moved. Additional parameters may be used to control certain properties of the move operation. The parent directory’s mtime may be modified by this command which may impact analytics mtime histogram. This command only takes NFS filenames and only UTF-8 encoding is supported.

The volume rebalance file-move start command is only supported on FlexGroup volumes.


-vserver <vserver name> - Vserver Name

Identifies the Vserver that contains the FlexGroup volume involved in this operation.

-volume <volume name> - Volume Name

Identifies the FlexGroup volume that is hosting the file being moved in this operation.

-path <text> - Path

Path to the file being moved within this FlexGroup volume.

[-destination-constituent <volume name>] - Destination Constituent Volume

Identifies the destination constituent name of the FlexGroup volume where the file is being moved to. The constituent must be a member of the same FlexGroup volume as the source constituent.

[-max-throughput {<integer>[KB|MB|GB|TB|PB]}] - Maximum Scanner Speed

Specifies the range of the data transfer in bytes per second. A non-zero value less than 1 MB/s will be set to 1 MB/s. A non-zero value greater than 1 MB/s will be truncated to the nearest integral megabyte value. If unspecified, the default value is "0" which means no range will be set for the data transfer. This value does not represent a throughput the system will guarantee, but a limit that cannot be exceeded.

[-scanner-paused {true|false}] - Scanner Paused

Specifies that the data scanner should not be started immediately when the move operations starts. If unspecified, the default value is "false". Use the volume rebalance file-move modify command to start the data scanner.

[-force <true>] - Force

If this parameter is specified, the file move operation will break the existing lock state on the file and proceed. This may cause a disruption for some client applications.

[-is-disruptive {true|false}] - Is Disruptive

Specifies whether the file move operation should be disruptive. The default value is "false".


In this example, a file-move operation is started for the file "/d1/d2/foo" within the FlexGroup volume "fg1" in vserver "vs0". The path is relative to the root directory of this FlexGroup volume, not the global namespace path of the file. In this example, the file is being moved to the destination constituent identified by the name "fg1__0003".

cluster::volume rebalance file-move*> start -vserver vs0 -volume fg1 -path /d1/d2/foo -destination-constituent fg1__0003
File move started with operation-uuid f8d780b4-32fc-4053-be5e-2f6edc0a652b
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