ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

system services ndmp modify

(DEPRECATED)-Modify NDMP service configuration

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


This node-scoped NDMP command is deprecated. Node-scoped NDMP functionality may be removed in a future release of Data ONTAP. Use the Vserver-aware "vserver services ndmp modify" command.

The system services ndmp modify command allows you to modify the NDMP configurations for a node in the cluster. One or more of the following configurations can be modified:

  • Enable/disable NDMP service

  • Enable/disable sending the NDMP password in clear text. Note that MD5 authentication mode is always enabled.

  • NDMP user ID


-node {<nodename>|local} - Node

This specifies the node whose NDMP configuration is to be modified.

[-enable {true|false}] - NDMP Service Enabled

This optionally specifies whether NDMP is enabled on the node. The default setting is true .

[-clear-text {true|false}] - Allow Clear Text Password

This optionally specifies whether the NDMP password can be sent in clear text. The default setting is true .

[-user-id <text>] - NDMP User ID

This optionally specifies the ID of the NDMP user.


The following example modifies the NDMP configuration on a node named node1. The configuration enables NDMP, disables sending the password in clear text, and specifies an NDMP user named ndmp:

cluster1::> system services ndmp modify -node node1 -enable true
     -clear-text false -user-id ndmp
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