ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

metrocluster configuration-settings mediator add

Configure the network connections between the Mediator and MetroCluster nodes

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The metrocluster configuration-settings mediator add command configures the connection between the mediator and all the nodes in a MetroCluster configuration.

Before this command is run MetroCluster should be configured on all the clusters.

Mediator username and password are required to successfully add the mediator.

After this command completes successfully, every node will:

  • Have a connection with the mediator.

  • The mediator disks will be assigned to the nodes in the MetroCluster configuration.

  • AUSO will be enabled.


-mediator-address <IP Address> - Mediator IP Address

Specifies the IP address of the mediator to which the nodes in the MetroCluster configuration will be connected.


The following example connects the nodes to the mediator in a MetroCluster configuration over IP setup:
clusA::> metrocluster configuration-settings mediator add -mediator-address
        Adding mediator and enabling Automatic Unplanned Switchover. It might take a few minutes to complete.
        Please enter the username for the mediator: mediatoradmin
        Please enter the password for the mediator:
        Confirm the mediator password:
        Creating mediator mailboxes...
        Setting up connections to mediator from all nodes in the clusters...
        Setting mediator mailbox from all nodes in the cluster...
        Enabling Automatic Unplanned Switchover for all nodes in the cluster...
        Successfully added mediator.
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