ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

system switch ethernet modify

Modify information about an Ethernet switch’s configuration

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The system switch ethernet modify command is used to modify the settings of an Ethernet switch for health monitoring purposes. This command allows you to adjust various parameters related to the switch, including its device name, IP address, SNMP version, SNMPv2c community or SNMPv3 username, model, type, and monitoring status.


-device <text> - Device Name

Name of the Ethernet switch that you want to modify. ONTAP utilizes this device name to recognize the SNMP agent it needs to interact with.

[-address <IP Address>] - IP Address

IP address of the switch’s management interface. This address is used as the destination of SNMP traffic and SSH connections for the purpose of monitoring and log collection, respectively.

[-snmp-version {SNMPv1|SNMPv2c|SNMPv3}] - SNMP Version

SNMP version that ONTAP employs for sending SNMP requests for monitoring purposes. By default, SNMPv2c is used, as established by the Reference Configuration File (RCF) applied to the switch.

[-community-or-username <text>] - SNMPv2c Community String or SNMPv3 Username

Community string used for SNMPv2 authentication, or the SNMPv3 username for SNMPv3 security. By default, the community string for SNMPv2 authentication is set to cshm1! , as determined by the RCF that is applied to the switch. If SNMPv3 is used, the switch must be configured with the SNMPv3 username.

[-type {cluster-network|management-network|storage-network}] - Switch Network

Switch type: cluster-network , storage-network , or management-network .

[-is-monitoring-enabled-admin {true|false}] - Enable Switch Monitoring

Monitoring status selected by the administrator, which is set to true by default when not specified. During maintenance periods, a switch not manually added might be repeatedly discovered and dropped, which could potentially generate unnecessary alerts if monitoring is enabled by default. In such cases, setting this parameter to false disables the monitoring process.


Example 1: Modifies the IP address for the switch named SwitchA. All other settings of the switch are preserved.

cluster1::> system switch ethernet modify -device SwitchA -address

Example 2: Modifies the SNMP parameters for the switch named SwitchB. All other settings are preserved.

cluster1::> system switch ethernet modify -device SwitchB -snmp-version SNMPv3 -community-or-username snmpv3u1
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