ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

storage aggregate relocation start

Relocate aggregates to the specified destination

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The storage aggregate relocation start command initiates the relocation of the aggregates from one node to the partner node in a high-availablility (HA) pair.


-node {<nodename>|local} - Name of the Node that currently owns the aggregate

This specifies the source node where the aggregates to be relocated reside.

-destination {<nodename>|local} - Destination node

This specifies the destination node where aggregates are to be relocated.

-aggregate-list <aggregate name>,…​ - List of Aggregates to be relocated

This specifies the list of aggregate names to be relocated from source node to destination node.

[-override-vetoes {true|false}] - Override Vetoes

This specifies whether to override the veto checks for relocation operation. Initiating aggregate relocation with vetoes overridden will result in relocation proceeding even if the node detects outstanding issues that would make aggregate relocation dangerous or disruptive. The default value is false.

[-relocate-to-higher-version {true|false}] - Relocate To Higher Version

This specifies if the aggregates are to be relocated to a node which is running on a higher version of Data ONTAP than the source node. If an aggregate is relocated to this destination then that aggregate cannot be relocated back to the source node till the source is also upgraded to the same or higher Data ONTAP version. This option is not required if the destination node is running on higher minor version, but the same major version. The default value is false.

[-override-destination-checks {true|false}] - Override Destination Checks

This specifies if the relocation operation should override the check done on destination node. This option could be used to force a relocation of aggregates even if the destination has outstanding issues. Note that this could make the relocation dangerous or disruptive. The default value is false.

[-ndo-controller-upgrade {true|false}] - Relocate Aggregates for NDO Controller Upgrade

This specifies if the relocation operation is being done as a part of non-disruptive controller upgrade process. Aggregate relocation will not change the home ownerships of the aggregates while relocating as part of controller upgrade. The default value is false.


The following example relocates aggregates name aggr1 and aggr2 from source node node0 to destination node node1:

cluster1::> storage aggregate relocation start -node node0 -destination node1 -aggregate-list aggr1, aggr2
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