ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

cluster image update

Manage an update

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The cluster image update command is used to initiate a Data ONTAP update. The update is preceded by a validation of the cluster to ensure that any issues that might affect the update are identified. There are two types of updates of a cluster. A rolling update updates Data ONTAP one HA pair at a time. This type of update is performed for clusters with fewer than eight nodes or when the -force-rolling option is specified for clusters with eight or more nodes. A batch update is used for clusters of eight or more nodes, and performs updates of multiple HA pairs at the same time.

There are predefined points in the update when the update can be paused (either by the user or by an error). These pause points occur after validation, after download to the boot device, after takeover has completed, and after giveback has completed.


-version <text> - Update Version

Specifies the Data ONTAP version to use to update the cluster.

[-nodes {<nodename>|local}] - Node

Specifies the nodes that are to be updated. This parameter is not supported for MetroCluster configurations updates or two-stage upgrades. The node upgrade sequence does not follow the node order entered in cluster image update command

[-estimate-only <true>] - Estimate Only

Creates a report of the steps that occur during the update without performing them precisely.

[-pause-after {none|takeover-giveback|all}] - Update Pause

Specifies that the update should pause at each predefined pause points (for example, after validation, after download to the boot device, after takeover, and after giveback) during the update.

[-ignore-validation-warning {true|false}] - Ignore Validation

Specifies that the update should proceed even if the validation reports warnings.

[-skip-confirmation {true|false}] - Skip Confirmation

Specifies that a validation that does not detect any error issues should not ask the user to confirm the update but simply proceed with the update.

[-force-rolling <true>] - Force Rolling Update

This option is used for clusters with eight or more nodes to specify that a rolling update (one HA pair at a time) should be done. This parameter is not supported for single-node cluster and two-node MetroCluster.

[-stabilize-minutes <integer>] - Minutes to stabilize

Specifies the number of minutes that the update should wait after a takeover or giveback is completed. This allows time for the clients to recover from the pause in I/O that occurs during takeover and giveback. This parameter is not supported for single-node cluster.

[-show-validation-details <true>] - Shows All Validation Details

Specify to display all validation details. Default: do not display all details.


The following example shows the update operation:

cluster1::> cluster image update -version 8.3

It can take several minutes to complete validation...
Pre-update Check       Status      Error-Action
---------------------  ---------   -------------------------------------------
CIFS status            OK
Cluster health status  OK
Cluster quorum status  OK
Disk status            OK
High Availability      OK
LIF status             OK
LIFs on home node      OK
MetroCluster           OK
configuration status
SnapMirror status      OK
Overall Status         OK
10 entries were displayed.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y
Starting update...
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