ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

storage disk fail

Fail the file system disk

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The storage disk fail command can be used to manually force a file system disk to fail. It is used to remove a file system disk that may be logging excessive errors and requires replacement. To unfail a disk, use the storage disk unfail command.


-disk <disk path name> - Disk Name

This parameter specifies the disk to be failed.

[-i, -immediate <true>] - Fail immediately

This parameter optionally specifies whether the disk is to be failed immediately. It is used to avoid Rapid RAID Recovery and remove the disk from the RAID configuration immediately. Note that when a file system disk has been removed in this manner, the RAID group to which the disk belongs enters degraded mode (meaning a disk is missing from the RAID group). If a suitable spare disk is available, the contents of the disk being removed are reconstructed onto that spare disk.


The following example fails a disk named 1.1.16 immediately:

cluster1::> storage disk fail -disk 1.1.16 -i true
WARNING: The system will not prefail the disk and its contents will not be
copied to a replacement disk before being failed out. Do you want to
fail out the disk immediately? {y|n}: y
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