ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

vserver check lif-multitenancy run

(DEPRECATED)-Run check for LIF multitenancy

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


This command is deprecated and may be removed in a future release of Data ONTAP.

The run command checks the specified Vserver to verify that it has connectivity to the configured external servers providing services such as Active Directory, NIS, and DNS. The output can consist of three types of messages. Failure messages indicate that a Vserver does not have the connectivity required to a server exporting a service. Warning messages indicate configuration or operational issues that are possible causes of the failures. A success message is displayed if the Vserver has network connectivity to each of the configured servers for each service.

You can use this command to verify configuration changes such as creating a Vserver or changing the configured servers for one or more services. It is also useful for diagnosing operational problems that result from failures that could be caused by the inability to make network connections to configured servers.

The services that are checked are DNS, NIS, CIFS preferred domain controllers, CIFS discovered domain controllers, KDC, Active Directory, Admin, Password, LDAP, and LDAP preferred Active Directory.

Only a single run for a Vserver is allowed to run in a cluster. If multiple runs are attempted for a Vserver, a message will be displayed indicating that a run is already in progress.

For each service, this command will ping each configured server until a successful ping is completed. In certain circumstances where a subnet is offline or LIFs are operationally down, this command may take a long time to run. In order to show that forward progress is being made, an activity indicator of a '.' is displayed for each ping sent.

The following fields are reported in table format. Some fields may not be relevant to a type of message and will consist of the text "-".

  • Vserver name

  • Service external server is exporting

  • Address of external server

  • Connectivity to that external server

  • More information describing the problem

  • Suggestions to remediate the problems

  • Success when there are no problems


-vserver <vserver> - Vserver

Use this parameter to specify the Vserver to check.

[-verbose {true|false}] - Show Positive and Negative Result

When this parameter is specified the results of all connectivity tests will be displayed in the success and failure cases.


This is an example of a successful run:
cluster1::> vserver check lif-multitenancy run -vserver vs0
     SUCCESS: All external servers are reachable.

This is an example of a run with warnings and failures that need to be corrected:

cluster1::> vserver check lif-multitenancy run -vserver vs0
     Vserver         Severity Service            Address         LIF             Connected  Details
     --------------- -------- ------------------ --------------- --------------- ---------- ---------------
     vs0             warning  -                  -               vs0_lif1        -          operationally down
     vs0             warning  -                  -               vs0_lif2        -          operationally down
     vs0             failure  DNS          -               no         cache
     vs0             failure  NIS domain     -               no         cache
Error : command failed:   FAILURES FOUND.
             You must correct these failures to avoid service disruptions
             in DOT 8.3 and above.
             Corrective actions may include:
               - removing decommissioned external servers from the vserver
               - restoring network interfaces that are down
               - adding network interfaces or routes
               - modifying the locations where network interfaces may reside
                 adjusting failover groups/policies or changing the home-node or
                 auto-revert settings).
             For assistance, please consult the 8.3 Upgrade Document,
             or contact support personnel.

At advanced privilege, additional information for messages at all severities is displayed.

cluster1::*> vserver check lif-multitenancy run -vserver vs0 -verbose true
     Vserver         Severity Service            Address         LIF             Connected  Details
     --------------- -------- ------------------ --------------- --------------- ---------- ---------------
     vs0             info     DNS          vs0_lif1        yes        ping
     vs0             info     NIS domain     vs0_lif1        yes        ping
     SUCCESS: All external servers are reachable.
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