ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

lun mapping remove-reporting-nodes

Remove Reporting Nodes

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the admin privilege level.


This command is used after a data mobility event to remove reporting nodes that are no longer required for optimized access from the specified LUN mapping.

For more information on managing reporting nodes in response to data mobility events, please see the Data ONTAP SAN Administration Guide.


-vserver <Vserver Name> - Vserver Name

Specifies the name of the Vserver containing the LUN.

{ -path <path> - LUN Path

Specifies the path of the LUN. Examples of correct LUN paths are /vol/vol1/lun1 and /vol/vol1/qtree1/lun1 .

| -volume <volume name> - Volume Name

Specifies the volume that contains the LUN.

[-qtree <qtree name>] - Qtree Name

Specifies the qtree that contains the LUN.

-lun <text> - LUN Name }

Specifies the LUN name.

-g, -igroup <text> - Igroup Name

Specifies the igroup the LUN is mapped to.

-remote-nodes <true> - Remove Remote Nodes for LUN Location

If specified, remove all nodes other than the LUN’s owner and HA partner from the LUN mapping’s reporting nodes.


cluster1::> lun mapping remove-reporting-nodes -vserver vs1 -path /vol/vol1/lun1 -igroup ig1

Remove excess remote nodes from the LUN mapping of /vol/vol1/lun1 to igroup ig1

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