ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

system services web show

Display the cluster-level configuration of web protocols

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


This command displays the overall availability of web services in the cluster, including the core protocol configurations for those services. In a pre-root or unclustered scenario, its output applies to the local node. The following information explains the External Web Services and Status attributes, two features of web services' availability.

The External Web Services field indicates whether remote clients are allowed to access the HTTP or HTTPS service content. Along with the system services firewall configuration, the External Web Services field indicates the visibility for client connections.

The Status field describes the aggregated operational state of cluster-level web services as retrieved from the system services web node command. The Status field does not reflect whether the protocols are externally visible, but whether the server processes are running correctly. For detailed information about individual servers, use the system services web node show command. The following are the possible values for the Status in node configuration or availability:

  • online, all web services are consistently configured and working correctly.

  • partial, one or more nodes' web services are unavailable due to an error condition.

  • mixed, the nodes in the cluster do not share the same web services configuration. This situation might occur if individual nodes were reconfigured with the system services web node command.

  • offline, all of the nodes' web services are unavailable due to an error condition.

  • unclustered, the current node is not part of an active cluster.

The HTTP Enabled field indicates whether HTTP is enabled.

The per-address-limit field is the limit of the number of connections that can be processed concurrently from the same remote address. If more connections are accepted, those in excess of the limit are delayed and processed after the number of connections being processed drops below the limit.


The following example displays the availability of web services for the cluster.

cluster1::> system services web show
 External Web Services: true
                Status: online
    HTTP Protocol Port: 80
   HTTPS Protocol Port: 443
          HTTP Enabled: true
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