ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

metrocluster switchback

Switch back storage and client access

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The `metrocluster switchback` command initiates the switchback of storage and client access from nodes in the DR site to their home nodes. The home nodes and storage shelves must be powered on and reachable by nodes in the DR site. The link:metrocluster-heal.html[metrocluster heal]`-phase` ``_aggregates_`` and link:metrocluster-heal.html[metrocluster heal]`-phase` ``_root-aggregates_`` commands must have successfully completed before running the `metrocluster switchback` command.


[-f, -override-vetoes <true>] - Override All Soft Vetoes

This optional parameter overrides all switchback operation soft vetoes. If this optional parameter is used, the system overrides subsystem soft vetoes that might prevent the switchback operation. Hard vetoes cannot be overridden and can still prevent the switchover operation.

[-simulate <true>] - Simulate Switchback

If this optional parameter is used, the system runs a simulation of the switchback operation to make sure all the prerequisites for the operation are met. This parameter cannot be used with switchback operations performed for switching back left-behind aggregates or for retrying a partially successful switchback.


The following is an example of how to start the switchback operation.

clusA::> metrocluster switchback
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