ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

volume efficiency inactive-data-compression start

Start inactive data compression on a volume.

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The volume efficiency inactive-data-compression start command is used to start inactive data compression on a volume.


-vserver <vserver name> - Vserver Name

This specifies the vserver of the volume.

-volume <volume name> - Volume Name

This specifies the volume on which inactive data compression should be started.

[-s, -inactive-days <integer>] - Compression Days Count

Data older than 'inactive-days' days is compressed.

[-m, -scan-mode {default|compute_compression_savings|extended_recompression}] - scanner mode

This specifies in which mode inactive data compression scanner should be started. Three modes available 'default', 'compute_compression_savings' and 'extended_recompression'. 'default' scanner will start compressing the cold data in volume. 'compute_compression_savings' scanner will calculate the auto adaptive compression savings on the volume. 'extended_recompression' scanner will attempt to re-write existing cold data to reduce internal fragmentation.


The following example displays information for starting inactive data compression scan on volume "vol1":

cluster:::> volume efficiency inactive-data-compression start -vserver vs1 -volume vol1
Inactive data compression scan started on volume vol1 in Vserver vs1.
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