ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

system node halt

Shut down a node

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The system node halt command stops all activity on a node. You may supply a reason for the shutdown, which will be stored in the audit log. You may also keep partner nodes from performing storage takeover during the shutdown.


-node {<nodename>|local} - Node

Use this mandatory parameter to specify the node that you want to shut down. The value local specifies the current node.

[-reason <text>] - Reason for Shutdown

Use this parameter to enter a brief note to indicate the reason for the restart, which will be stored in the audit log. Providing this information assists support personnel with troubleshooting efforts.

[-f, -inhibit-takeover <true>] - Disallow Storage Takeover by Partner

This parameter optionally forces the shutdown and prevents storage failover. LIFs will migrate prior to shutdown even when inhibit-takeover is set to true . To prevent LIF migration, skip-lif-migration-before-shutdown should be set to true . In a two-node MetroCluster configuration, this parameter prevents automatic unplanned switchover.

If -inhibit-takeover is set to true, the default behavior of the storage failover show` -fields onreboot` command is ignored.

If you enter this command without using this parameter, its effective value is false and storage takeover is allowed. If you enter this parameter without a value, it is automatically set to true and storage takeover is disabled during reboot.

[-d, -dump <true>] - Create a Core Dump

If this parameter is set to true, it forces a dump of the kernel core when halting the node.

[-skip-lif-migration-before-shutdown <true>] - Skip Migrating LIFs Away from Node Prior to Shutdown

If this parameter is specified, LIF migration prior to the shutdown will be skipped. However if LIFs on this node are configured for failover, those LIFs may still failover after the shutdown has occurred. The default is to migrate LIFs prior to the shutdown. In the default case, the command attempts to synchronously migrate data and cluster management LIFs away from the node prior to shutdown. If the migration fails or times out, the shutdown will be aborted.

[-ignore-quorum-warnings <true>] - Skip Quorum Check Before Shutdown

If this parameter is specified, quorum checks will be skipped prior to the shutdown. The operation will continue even if there is a possible data outage due to a quorum issue.

[-ignore-strict-sync-warnings <true>] - Skip SnapMirror Synchronous Strict Sync Check Before Reboot

If this parameter is specified, the check for volumes that are in SnapMirror Synchronous relationships with policy of type strict-sync-mirror will be skipped. The operation will continue even if there is a possible data outage due to not being able to fully sync data.

[-power-off {true|false}] - Power off the node after shutdown

If this parameter is specified, the node will be powered off at the end of the halt operation.


The following example shuts down the node named cluster1 for hardware maintenance:

cluster1::> system halt -node cluster1 -reason 'hardware maintenance'
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