ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

vserver migrate start

Start the Vserver migrate operation

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


This command starts the migration of a Vserver from one cluster to another. This has to be run on the destination cluster, i.e. the cluster where the Vserver is intended to migrate. The source cluster from where the Vserver is to be migrated is specified in the command.


-vserver <vserver name> - Vserver Name

Name of the Vserver which needs to be migrated.

-source-cluster <Cluster name> - Source Cluster Name

Name of the source cluster.

[-check-only {true|false}] - Check if migrate can be done

Runs the prechecks and tells if the Vserver migrate operation can be started or not.

[-ipspace <IPspace>] - Destination cluster IPspace Name for vserver

Name of the IPspace in the destination cluster.

[-aggr-list <aggregate name>,…​] - Aggregate list

Provide the list of aggregates where the volumes will be created in the destination cluster.

[-auto-cutover {true|false}] - Automatically cutover when ready

This parameter specifies if the Vserver migrate operation should cutover automatically when ready. The default setting is true.

[-auto-source-cleanup {true|false}] - Automatically cleanup the source vserver after cutover

This parameter is to specify if the Vserver migrate operation should cleanup the source Vserver automatically. Setting the parameter requires diagnostic privilege. The default setting is true.

[-throttle <throttleType>] - Throttle for Migrate Transfers(Kbs)

This paramater specifies the throttle value to limit the network bandwidth used for the migrate transfers. It sets the maximum rate (in Kbytes/sec) at which data can be transferred during the operation. The throttle value is applied individually to each volume of the migrating Vserver. To fully use the network bandwidth available, set the throttle value to unlimited or 0. The default setting is unlimited. The minimum throttle value is four Kbytes/sec, so if you specify a throttle value between 1 and 4, it will be treated as if you specified 4.


cluster1::> vserver migrate start -vserver test -source-cluster cluster-22 -ipspace ips1 -check-only true -aggr-list aggr1,aggr2 -auto-cutover false -throttle 12500

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