ONTAP 9.14.1 commands

system configuration backup download

Download a configuration backup

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The system configuration backup download command copies a configuration backup from a source URL to a node in the cluster.


-node {<nodename>|local} - Node

Use this parameter to specify the name of the node to which the configuration backup is downloaded.

-source <text> - Source URL

Use this parameter to specify the source URL of the configuration backup to download.

[-backup-name <text>] - Backup Name

Use this parameter to specify a new local file name for the downloaded configuration backup.

[-validate-certificate {true|false}] - Validate Digital Certificate

Use this parameter with the value true to validate the digital certificate of the remote server.


The following example shows how to download a configuration backup file from a URL to a file named exampleconfig.download.7z on the node node2 .

cluster1::*> system configuration backup download -node node2 -source http://www.example.com/config/download/nodeconfig.7z -backup-name exampleconfig.download.7z
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