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Enable an on-access policy

An on-access policy defines the scope of an on-access scan. You must enable an on-access policy on an SVM before its files can be scanned.

If you created an on-access policy for all the SVMs in a cluster, you must enable the policy on each SVM individually. You can enable only one on-access policy on an SVM at a time.

  1. Enable an on-access policy:

    vserver vscan on-access-policy enable -vserver data_SVM -policy-name policy_name

    The following command enables an on-access policy named Policy1 on the vs1 SVM:

    cluster1::> vserver vscan on-access-policy enable -vserver vs1 -policy-name Policy1
  2. Verify that the on-access policy is enabled:

    vserver vscan on-access-policy show -instance data_SVM -policy-name policy_name

    For a complete list of options, see the man page for the command.

    The following command displays the details for the Policy1 on-access policy:

    cluster1::> vserver vscan on-access-policy show -instance vs1 -policy-name Policy1
                               Vserver: vs1
                                Policy: Policy1
                         Policy Status: on
                   Policy Config Owner: vserver
                  File-Access Protocol: CIFS
                               Filters: scan-ro-volume
                        Mandatory Scan: on
    Max File Size Allowed for Scanning: 3GB
                File Paths Not to Scan: \vol\a b\, \vol\a,b\
           File Extensions Not to Scan: mp3, txt
               File Extensions to Scan: mp*, tx*
          Scan Files with No Extension: false
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