ONTAP 9.14

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Roles that cluster components play with FPolicy implementation

The cluster, the contained storage virtual machines (SVMs), and data LIFs all play a role in an FPolicy implementation.

  • cluster

    The cluster contains the FPolicy management framework and maintains and manages information about all FPolicy configurations in the cluster.

  • SVM

    An FPolicy configuration is defined at the SVM level. The scope of the configuration is the SVM, and it only operates on SVM resources. One SVM configuration cannot monitor and send notifications for file access requests that are made for data residing on another SVM.

    FPolicy configurations can be defined on the admin SVM. After configurations are defined on the admin SVM, they can be seen and used in all SVMs.

  • data LIFs

    Connections to the FPolicy servers are made through data LIFs belonging to the SVM with the FPolicy configuration. The data LIFs used for these connections can fail over in the same manner as data LIFs used for normal client access.

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