ONTAP 9.14

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Resources to review before you revert

Before you revert ONTAP, you should confirm hardware support and review resources to understand issues you might encounter or need to resolve.

  1. Review the ONTAP 9 Release Notes for the target release.

    The “Important cautions” section describes potential issues that you should be aware of before downgrading or reverting.

  2. Confirm that your hardware platform is supported in the target release.

  3. Confirm that your cluster and management switches are supported in the target release.

    You must verify that the NX-OS (cluster network switches), IOS (management network switches), and reference configuration file (RCF) software versions are compatible with the version of ONTAP to which you are reverting.

  4. If your cluster is configured for SAN, confirm that the SAN configuration is fully supported.

    All SAN components—​including target ONTAP software version, host OS and patches, required Host Utilities software, and adapter drivers and firmware—​should be supported.

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