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Set up file access using NFS overview

You must complete a number of steps to allow clients access to files on storage virtual machines (SVMs) using NFS. There are some additional steps that are optional depending on the current configuration of your environment.

For clients to be able to access files on SVMs using NFS, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Enable the NFS protocol on the SVM.

    You must configure the SVM to allow data access from clients over NFS.

  2. Create an NFS server on the SVM.

    An NFS server is a logical entity on the SVM that enables the SVM to serve files over NFS. You must create the NFS server and specify the NFS protocol versions you want to allow.

  3. Configure export policies on the SVM.

    You must configure export policies to make volumes and qtrees available to clients.

  4. Configure the NFS server with the appropriate security and other settings depending on the network and storage environment.

    This step might include configuring Kerberos, LDAP, NIS, name mappings, and local users.

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