ONTAP 9.14

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Enable the display of NFS exports on NFS clients

NFS clients can use the showmount -e command to see a list of exports available from an ONTAP NFS server. This can help users identify the file system they want to mount.

ONTAP allows NFS clients to view the export list by default. In earlier releases, the showmount option of the vserver nfs modify command must be enabled explicitly. For viewing the export list, NFSv3 should be enabled on the SVM.


The following command shows the showmount feature on the SVM named vs1:

clusterl : : > vserver nfs show -vserver vs1 -fields showmount
vserver showmount
------- ---------
vs1    enabled

The following command executed on an NFS client displays the list of exports on an NFS server with the IP address

showmount -e
Export list for
/unix        (everyone)
/unix/unixl  (everyone)
/unix/unix2  (everyone)
/            (everyone)
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