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Take corrective action based on analytics

Beginning with ONTAP 9.9.1, you can take corrective actions based on current data and desired outcomes directly from the File System Analytics displays.

When analytics are enabled, you can take the following actions:

  • Delete directories and files

    In the Explorer display, you can select directories or individual files to delete. Directories are deleted with low-latency fast directory delete functionality. (Fast directory delete is also available beginning in ONTAP 9.9.1 without analytics enabled.)

  • Assign media cost in storage tiers to compare costs of inactive data storage locations

    Media cost is a value that you assign based on your evaluation of storage costs, represented as your choice of currency per GB. When set, ONTAP System Manager uses the assigned media cost to project estimated savings when you move volumes.

    The media cost you set is not persistent; it can only be set for a single browser session.

  • Move volumes to reduce storage costs
    Based on analytics displays and media cost comparisons, you can move volumes to less expensive storage in local tiers.

    Only one volume at a time can be compared and moved.

To perform this action…

Take these steps…​

Delete directories or files

  1. Click Storage > Volumes, then click Explorer.

    When you hover over a file or folder, the option to delete appears. You can only delete one object at a time.

When directories and files are deleted, the new storage capacity values are not displayed immediately.

Enable media cost comparison

  1. Click Storage > Tiers, then click Set Media Cost in the desired local tier (aggregate) tiles.

    Be sure to select active and inactive tiers to enable comparison.

  2. Enter a currency type and amount.

    When you enter or change the media cost, the change is made in all media types.

Move volumes to a less expensive tier

  1. After enabling media cost display, click Storage > Tiers, then click Volumes.

  2. To compare destination options for a volume, click menu icon for the volume, then click Move.

  3. In the Select Destination Local Tier display, select destination tiers to display the estimated cost difference.

  4. After comparing options, select the desired tier and click Move.

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