ONTAP 9.14

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Display node attributes

You can display the attributes of one or more nodes in the cluster, for example, the name, owner, location, model number, serial number, how long the node has been running, health state, and eligibility to participate in a cluster.

  1. To display the attributes of a specified node or about all nodes in a cluster, use the system node show command.

Example of displaying information about a node

The following example displays detailed information about node1:

cluster1::> system node show -node node1
                          Node: node1
                         Owner: Eng IT
                      Location: Lab 5
                         Model: model_number
                 Serial Number: 12345678
                     Asset Tag: -
                        Uptime: 23 days 04:42
               NVRAM System ID: 118051205
                     System ID: 0118051205
                        Vendor: Fujitsu
                        Health: true
                   Eligibility: true
       Differentiated Services: false
           All-Flash Optimized: true
            Capacity Optimized: false
                 QLC Optimized: false
    All-Flash Select Optimized: false
 SAS2/SAS3 Mixed Stack Support: none
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