ONTAP 9.14

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Download and deploy Active IQ Unified Manager

To install the software, you must download the virtual appliance (VA) installation file and then use a VMware vSphere Client to deploy the file to a VMware ESXi server. The VA is available in an OVA file.

  1. Go to the the DVD included in the Product and locate Active IQ Unified Manager.

  2. Select VMware vSphere in the Select Platform drop-down menu and click Go!

  3. Save the “OVA” file to a local or network location that is accessible to your VMware vSphere Client.

  4. In VMware vSphere Client, click File > Deploy OVF Template.

  5. Locate the “OVA” file and use the wizard to deploy the virtual appliance on the ESXi server.

    You can use the Properties tab in the wizard to enter your static configuration information.

  6. Power on the VM.

  7. Click the Console tab to view the initial boot process.

  8. Follow the prompt to install VMware Tools on the VM.

  9. Configure the time zone.

  10. Enter a maintenance user name and password.

  11. Go to the URL displayed by the VM console.

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